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The service given by GIUNICO is always of high level.
GIUNICO serves as a commercial bridge between Italian producer and trade companies from all over the world.

Giunico is a purchasing office for the customers abroad and sales office for the producing companies in Italy.


Any request from the client is to be immediately analyzed, processed and sent back as a commercial offer.

The service offered by GIUNICO

  • One warehouse

Where are collected the different brands that help to decrease the transport costs

  • One invoice

That help to decrease the custom costs

  • One office

For claims or spare parts


Giunico is managing in outsourcing the sales office for the selected countries.

Giunico coordinates the commercial policy and marketing in the selected markets in cooperation with the producer, acting on the market always on behalf of the company-producer.

The producing companies in Italy in this way can stay concentrated on the production and, when necessary, can organize the visits of the customers together with the partners of Giunico.

Giunico sets the priority to promote and increase the brand recognition on the referred market, increasing the volume of the business.